Post Ninja sticker selfies

Help Wagerr’s new mascot, the Red Ninja, get seen and known around the world. To earn points, post a selfie on Twitter or Instagram showing the Red Ninja sticker in a public place. All posts must include #wagerr and #betlikeaninja hashtags. You do not have to be the one to place the sticker to score points, so find stickers in the wild, grab a selfie, and post it to score!

Hotspot bonus!

Earn extra points for pasting & posting in high profile hotspots. Follow @betlikeaninja Twitter account for weekly announcements of hotspot locations.

Maximize points

Best practices to ensure you get the best score:

  • Place & snap in high traffic areas
  • Place & snap downtown street corners
  • Place & take selfies near monuments
  • Place & snap in or near casinos and sports books
  • College campuses and betting cities preferred


  • High traffic area = 1 tickets
  • Outside or near a stadium = 3 tickets
  • Outside or near a sports book = 5 tickets
  • Hotspot locations = 8 tickets