“Bet Like a Ninja” campaign kickoff

The Red Ninja is perfectly graceful and deadly accurate. Before anyone knows what has happened the Red Ninja is already gone, another stealth mission faultlessly executed. When you bet with Wagerr, you Bet Like a Ninja. Use Wagerr to bet undetectably with speed, stealth, and intelligence.

How can I join?

The Red Ninja is getting the word out — and you can help! Every social media post in the campaign categories below that is received by the end of the campaign will count as an entry ticket into the final raffle for incredible prizes. The more tickets you earn, the better your chance to win.

Sticker campaign

Place Red Ninja stickers in public and post a selfie with it on social media. Learn more

Billboard campaign

Track down one of our 100s of locations of digital red ninja ads and post a selfie with it. Learn more

Article campaign

Write articles that promote ‘why Wagerr’ by explaining why better for bettors. Learn more

Be the Red Ninja!

Attend major sporting events dressed as the Red Ninja. Give away Wagerr ninja stars as you go! Apply today to become an official mascot. Learn more


Grand Prize: Two all expenses paid trip to Super Bowl 54!

2nd Place: $5,000 (USD value paid in WGR)

3rd Place: $2,500 (USD value paid in WGR)

Other participants: A total of 175,000 WGR will be distributed to hundreds of other winning participants.


All participants must use either Twitter or Instagram to post their support. The hashtags #wagerr and #betlikeaninja need to be in every submission post. To enter, you must submit your social media usernames and all of your support posts on betlikeaninja.com in January.

If you wish to stay anonymous you can print out/create a RedNinja icon and write or print your username on it as shown HERE. The username printed/written on the icon must match the username of the account it is posted from.

The grand prize winner can choose between the all expenses paid trip and tickets to Super Bowl 54 or opt to receive $17,500 worth of Bitcoin valued in USD at at the time of redemption.

Winners will be chosen via a provably fair lottery drawn from a pool of all eligible entries. 1 point = 1 entry ticket. Each ticket represents one chance to win, so the more entry tickets you earn, the better their chance of winning. The raffle will take place 2 weeks prior to Super Bowl 54.

All participants must be at least 18 years of age.



Post Red Ninja sticker photos:

  • High traffic area = 1 ticket
  • Outside a stadium = 3 tickets
  • Outside or near a sports book = 5 tickets


  • Selfies with sign onsite = 5 tickets
  • TV shot w/sign = 25 tickets
  • TV multiple shots w/sign = 50 tickets
  • TV continuous line-of-sight w/sign = 150 tickets
  • Video post of on-field streak w/sign = 2500 tickets


  • Accepted 400+ word article = 50 tickets
  • Accepted 1200+ word article = 150 tickets
  • High-traffic bonus: Articles w/10k unique views = +50 tickets


  • Selfie w/billboard = 10 tickets
  • 5x selfies w/billboard = 150 tickets
  • 10x selfies w/billboard = 300 tickets

Red Ninja Mascot 

  • Game attendence w/25 posts = 500 tickets
  • 50 fan picture posts = 100 tickets
  • 100 fan picture posts = 300 tickets
  • Posted picture w/team mascot = +100 tickets
  • TV time in costume w/post = +200 tickets