Post selfies with Red Ninja billboards

Just like the Sticker Campaign, the goal is simple: to spread the word about how great Wagerr is for bettors.  Billboards will begin popping up around the world. Your goal is to find them, snap a selfie with them, and post the photo to social media.

To earn points, you must take a selfie and post to social media with the hashtags #BetLikeANinja and #Wagerr.

Track down billboards by following the #billboard posts on @betlikeaninja twitter. It will be updated weekly where billboards will be running that week.


  • Selfie w/billboard = 10 tickets
  • 5x Selfies w/billboard = 150 bonus tickets
  • 10x Selfies w/billboard = 300 bonus tickets

The more selfies you post with Winja billboards, the higher your bonus multiplier. So, get out there and tell the world! If you wish to remain anonymous, post the selfie with a Red Ninja icon over your face with your Twitter handle or Instagram username written/printed on it.