“Imagine a service that allows anyone in the world to bet on sports in total privacy, without fear of regulatory authorities.”

Bet anonymously

Wagerr is a decentralized sports betting blockchain that uses the Wagerr cryptocurrency (ticker symbol: WGR) for bets and payouts. All transactions take place on the blockchain, eliminating censorship and unpredictability. Your personal information can never be hacked because no identifying information is ever collected.

Wagerr has connected private and anonymous sports betting with a first-class user experience. You don’t wait for payouts. Your bet can’t be turned down. There are no regional restrictions. You are no longer forced to choose between a sports betting platform that is reliable or one that is accessible, because Wagerr is both.

Red Ninja: the Wagerr mascot

The Red Ninja lives by a code: the Wagerr code. Payouts are guaranteed because the instructions are embedded in the blockchain. All bets are accepted, no matter how hot the bettor gets. And anyone can bet anonymously. No KYC. No AML. Ever.

The Red Ninja says: “No compromises!” The Red Ninja is loyal to Wagerr, and you will be too once you get to know that Betting is Better on the Blockchain. You’re in the right place to learn how you can #betlikeaninja.



100% Anonymous


True ownership of your keys and coins.

Global access

No regional restrictions

Prove it!

“Bet like me, and you’ll get rich!” The internet is filled with sharps selling event predictions and algorithms. Until Wagerr, however, one crucial thing has been missing: evidence. Wagerr solves the problem of trust by giving users transparency tools that allow them to back up their claims and show that there’s money behind their picks. If you think you’re sharp, prove it! Post your betting history online. If you’re tempted to take betting advice, trust but verify. With Wagerr, you never have to take claims on blind faith again.

Where can I bet?

Anyone can bet on the Wagerr platform. There is a growing number of ways to place your bets. The most popular one so far is to use the Wagerr “Electron” application. The Wagerr wallet is built in directly to the Electron desktop app, and contains a complete copy of the blockchain. For mobile, the Wagerr app is available on Android. And, coming soon, wagerr.com will make it easy for anyone to bet on Wagerr anonymously from any web browser.

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