Represent Wagerr at big games

Earn free tickets for yourself and a helper to popular sports events that you want to attend. Treat yourself and a friend to great seats at big games: high visibility is the key to discovery. As the official Wagerr mascot, you’ll perform the role of the Red Ninja, introducing the best sports betting platform to the world.

Wagerr is now accepting applications for outgoing enthusiasts who want to attend regional sports events dressed as the Red Ninja. Over the next few months, the Ninja campaign will announce opportunities for Red Ninja and a helper to attend popular events. The goal is to attend sporting events dressed as Red Ninja and give away free WGR cryptocurrency when fans pose for photos with Red Ninja. The photos feed a global social media campaign. The successful Red Ninja catches TV airtime from great seats. The helper takes photos, connects fans with the Red Ninja during the event, and helps post pics to social media.

Red Ninja requirements

You will need to recreate the Red Ninja uniform. Red bodysuit with the oversized Red Ninja head is preferred, but a Wagerr red mask may substitute. The Wagerr promo team can help you build your suit, depending on your needs. Participants will receive tickets and giveaway items such as shirts, hats, WGR ninja stars, and paper wallets. All Red Ninjas will be compensated per event depending on travel time and unique requirements.

How to apply

Send Wagerr a written statement explaining what makes you a good candidate to be the Red Ninja. Identify an event (or multiple events) you wish to attend as Red Ninja. Got experience as a mascot or other cosplay? Send supporting documents to boost your chances of selection.