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The Wagerr community is Wagerr’s greatest asset. is the new platform for the Wagerr community. Give voice through articles that inform readers why Wagerr is the best sports book. The Winja Writers campaign rewards the community for compelling stories and convincing reasoning that answers the question: Why Wagerr!

Articles must be at least 400 words. To get published, submit your article to [email protected] Send in all supporting information, including pictures, chart, graphs, etc.. Submissions may be anonymous or pseudonymous (pick your own username). The writing should focus on Wagerr’s distinct advantages including anonymity and global access.

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The Bet Like a Ninja website is also the perfect platform to share your betting predictions. Now, with Wagerr, you can also document your actual betting history.


  • Accepted 400+ word article = 75 tickets
  • Accepted 1200+ word article = 200 tickets
  • High traffic bonus: Articles with 10k unique views = 100 more tickets